Corporate executives

Does a work-life balance seem like an unachievable dream to you? Do the pressures of your job make it difficult to find time for anything else? At Private Executive Wealth Management, our goal is to help navigate your finances, so you have time to focus on more important things.

Our experienced team supports you by:

Offering specific recommendations  – Related to your corporate benefits packages, including all retirement plans, stock option plans, life and disability insurance, incentive plans, performance awards, and more.

Developing an exercise strategy  – To manage long-term goals,  seek to maximize value and minimize risk, while also navigating major shareholder considerations, holding requirements and trading windows.

Managing your savings, investments and benefits – Focus towards minimizing your risk and tax liabilities. We remain focused on your long-term goals as we help you navigate all aspects of your financial life.

Cutting through the “noise” to simplify your financial life – With so much information available, it can be difficult to know what decisions are right for you. We provide focused, responsive advice to help streamline your financial decisions.

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